High Court Order on the Literary and Scientific Institute (January 2010)

In 2009 Dorset County Council sought an Order from the High Court regarding the disposal of the Literary and Scientific Institute, which had been empty since its closure as the town’s public library in 1997.  Following representations and expressions of interest ijn the future of the Institute by the Bridport Local Area Partnership, on behalf of a number local cultural and community organisations, the Court ordered in January 2010 that the County Council’s claim should be adjourned “for about 6 months so that the Bridport Area Development Trust (“BADT”) has a reasonable time to put itself into a position where the court could, if it thought fit, properly make an order vesting the Building in the BADT to be held upon the trusts and for the purposes of the BADT.”

Download High Court Order (Jan. 2010) (pdf)