Protecting Community Assets

The Bridport Area Development Trust is keenly interested in the protection and retention of Community Assets, in the form of land and buildings.  The Trust is following the progress and implications of Government proposals such as the Localism Act, the new National Planning Policy Framework and the Community Right to Bid, and is anxious to play its part in trying to ensure that important public assets are not lost to the community.

Wessex Water Building, South Street, Bridport

The BADT will continue to take an interest in the future of buildings such as the Wessex Water building in South Street, Bridport, home of one of the key agencies in the area, the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, and The Grove, in Rax Lane, owned by West Dorset District Council and until recently occupied by Dorset County Council’s Social Services department.

The Grove, in Rax Lane, about to go on the open market?